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Tennis Lessons

Tennis lesson fees are charged in addition to your annual Seminole dues.

We encourage you to pick a class that is within reach of your child’s abilities, so he or she feels a sense of achievement when the session ends. Then it’s OK to advance to the next skill level.  Feel free to consult our Head Pro Mark Happel.

Our days start with Adult Morning Drills which is combination of drills and play. Then we progress to lesson groups that are as follows.

The Pee Wee Tennis class is a great way for ages 5 and up with no or little tennis experience to get introduced to the game. Go from Shark Bites to Pee Wee Tennis and your kids are sure to have an afternoon nap.

The Beginner class covers the basic techniques for the forehand and backhand, volley and courtesy serve. Games are played with balls fed to the child.

The Advanced Beginner class emphasizes technique and placement.

The Intermediate class is for students who are able to sustain a rally for at least three hits in a row over the net. Drills and games include playing out points.

The Advanced Intermediate class covers mastering proper techniques for ground strokes, volleys, overheads and serves. Placements, direction, depth, spin and power is emphasized as well as mental preparation and strategy.

The Advanced Intensive Drill class is primarily geared for high school students and players wanting to play competitive tennis. Drills and match play will improve skills in pressure tennis, consistency and strategy.

The Late Night Extreme Tennis class makes you stretch your tennis skills to the extreme under the starry night and the lights. Advanced level.

The Men’s and Women’s Night Out is a drill night with play as well on a singles and doubles basis.

If you have any questions, please email Geoff Garbacz at


Head Pro – Mark Happel

Hello – I’m Mark Happel.  I am currently the Head Girls tennis coach at Verona Area High School and a physical education teacher in the VASD.  I was honored a few years ago as the Wisconsin High School Tennis Coaches Association Coach of the Year.  Previously, I taught tennis at the Valley View Fitness & Racquet Club in La Crosse, WI.  I played collegiately at UW La Crosse where I was a national qualifier in singles and doubles.  I am looking forward to the upcoming season.

Assistant Pro – Patrick Conley

Hi, I’m Patrick Conley. I played three years of varsity tennis at Verona Area High School. I was a team captain and qualified for both individual and team state while I was there. I spent the last four summers teaching tennis at the Verona Rec Department but grew up playing at Seminole. I am currently studying political science at Kenyon College where I will be a junior next year. I’m looking forward to a great summer!