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Tent Reservations

The Seminole tent and eating area, located near the concessions stand, is available for Seminole members to reserve for parties, cookouts, etc. Reservations for a time slot (up to 3 hours) can be made through your Member Splash account and instructions are found under the Reservations/Lessons tab. Tent reservations for Summer 2024 are available May 1 and will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tent reservation rules:

    • Non-member guests are welcome to join you under the tent, but they need to be checked in and paid for at the time of your event. If guests are using the Seminole facilities, such as hanging out and eating/drinking under the tent, you are required to pay the guest fee regardless of whether they get in the pool. Guest passes are available for purchase through your member account online.
    • All guests (non-Seminole members) in attendance must be added to the reservation in Member Splash a minimum of 24 hrs BEFORE your event begins. Attendants will use this list to check in guests and allow them to enter the pool. You will be responsible for payment of any non-member guests in attendance. Guest passes already on your account will be used first and additional passes will be charged to your account as needed to cover the remaining guests. The bill for these guest passes are emailed biweekly.
    • If your party will be larger than 25 people in total, please email the manager ( to discuss additional staffing needs and costs before reserving the tent.
    • Be sure to clean up under the tent when you’re finished. Back to back reservations are common, especially on weekends, so clean up must be completed by the end of your time block.
    • We do not allow any glass containers anywhere on the Seminole grounds for safety’s sake.

Reservations are limited to 3 hours to allow all members to have access. However, if on the day of your event no one else has reserved it after your time, you are welcome to request to extend it for another 3 hours.

We do our best to update the calendar frequently during the season.  Be sure to email the Membership Chair if you would like to cancel your reservation at