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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the pool close for bad weather?

    • If the high temp is not predicted to be above 65 degree F for the day, we may make the call to close the facility.
    • If thunder is heard or lightning spotted, the pool will close for 30 min. from last occurrence of thunder/lightning.
    • For swim and dive lessons, we may make the call to cancel if the temperature is below 60 degrees F or if there are rain storms.
    • In all cases, we will post closures on the homepage of the website.

How do I upload photos to my Member Splash account?

This summer all members will be required to check in and out of the pool at the front desk. To make your first visit start as quickly as possible, please preload photos of each family member to your Member Splash profile. Instructions on how to upload photos can be found here. We recommend using a desktop computer rather than mobile to make it as speedy a process as possible.

How do I add a babysitter or caregiver to my Member Splash account?

Each membership account is allowed up to two babysitters/caregivers for $10 each. Log into your Member Splash account and navigate to Payments > Make a Payment. Scroll down to the Caregiver Fee section to enter details, select a Payment Method, click Next, and Submit Order.

I charged concessions to my account. How do I pay my bill?

  1. Log in to your Member Splash Account and navigate to Payments > Make a Payment. Your Open Bill will appear at the top of the Payments page. (You can review your charges and see which family member is responsible for each transaction in Order History.) Click Next at the bottom of the page.

  2. Enter your Billing Information (including payment method – you can securely store your credit card information under Payments > Payment Methods for quick check out), click Submit Order, and you’re DONE!

Wait, I thought my bills were automatically charged to my credit card?

All guest fees and concessions purchases are not automatically charged. Instead, we send a bill via email approximately every 2 weeks which you need to log in and pay in your Member Splash Account. Having your credit card stored on file in Member Splash just helps you pay bills faster. To check if you have any unpaid bills, log in to your Member Splash account and click on Payments > Make a Payment.

How do I Check-In at the pool on my phone?

Want to bypass check-in at the front desk?  Check-in on your phone when you arrive!  Just show the front desk attendant your confirmation screen on your mobile device, click “I’m Here” and go straight to the diving board. Please use these instructions for saving the web app to your mobile device and these instructions for using Self Check-in. If you experience a spinning wheel / frozen website when attempting self check-in on your phone, please log out of Member Splash and log back in.