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Swim Lessons

Swim lessons at Seminole emphasize fun and development, so kids learn how to stay safe while building a lifelong love of swimming.

All member children can enroll in one swim lesson per session, which is included in membership fees.

We teach a rigorous multilevel approach to swim lessons. We also offer a parent-and-child lesson for children under age 3.

We have morning (10:30-1:30) and evening (5-6:30) lesson times, Monday through Thursday. Lessons for Parent-Tot through Level 3 are 30 minutes, and levels 4 through 6 are approximately 45 minutes.

These guides will help you consider the right level for your child, but your best bet is to talk to a manager to determine the ideal spot for your child.

  • Parent Tot: Parents and children in the water, singing songs and working on basic water comfort skills
  • Level 1: Front and back float, retrieving objects, introduction to arms and kicking
  • Level 2: Development of front crawl and back crawl arms and leg coordination and strength
  • Level 3: Strength of front and back crawl, rhythmic breathing, elementary backstroke
  • Level 4: Development of all strokes
  • Level 5: Flip turns, lap swimming, stroke refinement
  • Level 6: Endurance and stroke training, experience in other skills: diving, rescue skills


All lessons questions should be directed to George Nunn, Lessons Manager, ([email protected]).