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Dive Lessons

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2021 Update:  Swim, dive, and tennis lessons will be offered this summer.

Dive lesson schedule is still pending but will be similar to the swim lesson schedule.  Dive lessons are offered in the morning and evening and are 30 minutes long.

All member children can enroll in one dive lesson per session, which is included in membership fees.

Seminole offers three different levels of dive instruction: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level has its own prerequisites to maximize each child’s results.

  • Beginner: Child should be at least 5 years old, able to swim and comfortable being on the diving board. Children will not be allowed to use goggles for safety reasons.
  • Intermediate: Child should be able to complete a successful: front approach, front line up (or fall in), front tuck dive and back fall in.
  • Advanced: Child should be able to complete all of the previous plus: back press (or approach), back dive with a press, front flip and have an intense focus on joining dive team and building competitive skills.

If you have any questions on where place your child,  please contact the Lessons Manager.