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Seminole 2.0 Plans

Seminole Pool & Tennis is working on plans to fully redevelop our facilities, including pool, tennis courts and bathhouse. A volunteer committee is working on design concepts and fundraising. These renderings and concepts are preliminary but give you a sense of the scope of the project. This information was presented at our first open house information session in June 2022. More communication and events will follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last edited 7-5-2022

Why build a new pool & tennis facility?

Pool and facilities in disrepair

  • The pool shell has large pieces falling off and it is getting harder to repair. Replastering has a limited lifespan and will be expensive. Groundwater is leaking into the pool.
  • The locker room concrete walls are falling apart and the original ventilation has failed.
  • The pool mechanicals are old and many of the parts are not made anymore. Replacements are costly or no longer available. This could cause shutdowns during the season.
  • The tennis courts are cracked and the playing surface and foundation need to be replaced.
  • Existing concrete deck has settled and has low spots. It does not drain appropriately and is a trip hazard.
  • Excessive tree debris clogs filters and requires staff maintenance.
  • The structure roofs are aged and deteriorating.

Pool capacity

Membership has sold out for the past two seasons and there is a struggle to provide swim lessons to members while having an appropriate amount of open swim times available. A new layout of the pool (8-lanes and separate diving well) would improve how the pool area is utilized.

Why are we doing this now?

It’s not a matter of if the pool requires repair, but rather when.

  • Reinvestment in the infrastructure is needed or we will face more frequent and costly repairs and risk pool closures during the summer for repair.
  • Construction and materials costs are likely to increase over the next couple of years.

Even with the recent increases, interest rates are still low from a historical perspective. The longer we wait to make the necessary updates, the more expensive the project will become.

What are some of the proposed new or different features of the pool?

New pool house 

The old pool house would be replaced with a similar style, one-story building and would feature larger, brighter, and more attractive locker rooms and bathrooms. The new pool house would include an employee area, manager office, snack bar, and breezeway.

Wading pool

The separate area for young children would have a larger wading pool with zero entry, more seating space and shade areas, and potential fountain or play structure.

8-Lane competition swimming pool 

Seminole has a long history as swimming champions and a strong competitive and teaching program. The additional two lanes would facilitate lap swimming, lessons, team practice and a more efficient competition space. The length of the pool would be 25 yards. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t be loud and proud of 26.5!

New pump house

A modern and more efficient pool system would ensure the filtration, sanitizing, and maintenance of the pool meets current industry standards.

Tennis facility improvements 

Replacing the foundation and resurfacing the courts would provide the opportunity to update the striping of the tennis courts, including striping for pickleball.

Separate diving well 

A new design that separates the diving area from the lap lanes would provide additional safety for swimmers and divers and increase the pool area available for lessons and lap swimming.

Increased shade areas and seating 

There would be more shading for the pool as well as more room on the deck for tables, chairs, and lounges.

Improved lighting 

Redesigned in-pool lighting and surface lighting would allow more evening use. Use of LED lighting would reduce energy consumption and maintenance. It would also reduce the amount of light spillover onto adjacent properties.

Is the footprint of the complex going to change?

The new footprint of the pool would be larger. Details would be determined during the design phase of the project.  This expansion would improve the layout of the pool and would enable us to offer additional activities like water aerobics.

Will members have input on the details of the proposed design?

The Seminole Board and Seminole 2.0 committee will solicit comments and feedback from members via an online survey to help prioritize amenities for the new pool.

When will construction begin and finish?

Construction timing is based on fundraising. The optimistic goal is to break ground on September 5, 2023, and complete the project by Memorial Day, May 27, 2024.

How much will this cost?

The preliminary estimated cost of the entire project is $4.5 million. This estimate is based on a conceptual drawing of the new pool, pool house and other needed improvements. More detailed estimates will be provided once design of the pool begins.

How will we fund this?

We will fund the project with fundraising and sponsorship, pool funds, a bank loan, and a capital contribution from members. The anticipated bank loan is $2.25 million.

Member assessments/fees have not been finalized. The capital contribution fee is directly related to amount that is fundraised from outside sources. The capital contribution fee would be in place for future new members for a set number of years beyond construction of the new pool.

Is the footprint of the complex going to change?

The new footprint of the pool will be larger. This expansion will improve the layout of the pool and will enable us to offer additional activities, like water aerobics.

Who can I contact for more information?

Email with questions, comments, or suggestions!