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Water Ballet Lessons Times & Sign-Up

Interested in Water Ballet for 2019?

This year’s show theme: Glee.


The Water Ballet show will be held on July 24th at 7 pm with a rain date of July 25th.

  • Practices are held for 30 min between the times of 5:00 and 6:30 on Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday.
  • Practices begin in mid-June and run until the day of the show.
  • One MUST be able to attend the show and the rain date to participate.
  • Boys and girls are more than welcome.
  • All participating children should have passed Level 4 of swim lessons and be able to swim confidently in the diving well for extended periods of time.

*WE DO CHARGE $30 per participant and the check should be made out to Seminole Pool and given to the manager or placed into the bottom drop box at the pool.

(This fee includes leotards, dinner on the night of the show, makeup, and other additional costs through the season).

Sign up here.

If you would like more information about Water Ballet you can contact:

Kate Bouchard at [email protected]