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Rules & Policies

Supporting our positive atmosphere, all Seminole Pool and Tennis members and guests are expected to:

  • respect fellow swimmers, divers, and tennis participants at all times
  • follow the requests of managers and staff, especially where safety is concerned
  • work together to keep the facilities clean, inviting, and friendly
  • respect the facilities as a drug free zone

We ask you to:

  • shower before entering pool and after using the toilet facilities
  • wear appropriate attire at all times
  • keep food consumption at tables near the concession area
  • clean up after yourself on the pool deck and all other common areas such as the showers, bathrooms, and changing areas
  • refrain from socializing with staff when they are lifeguarding to ensure the highest safety standards
  • address questions and concerns with managers first, and then board members

Facility Rules

  • All members must check in at the front desk every time you come to the pool
  • Members must register and pay for guests at the time of check in; guest passes may be purchased in advance online or at the front desk (see guest pass policy below)
  • Members must be at least 10 years of age to be at the pool during open swim without adult supervision

We do not allow any of the following in any part of the facility:

  • tobacco of any kind, including vaping
  • firearms or weapons
  • illegal substances or drugs
  • alcoholic beverages (unless permitted under the Association’s Alcoholic Beverages Policy)
  • profane or foul language
  • food, drink or gum outside the concession area
  • animals (other than the year-end dog swim)
  • glass containers
  • running on the pool deck
  • moving or interfering with safety equipment
  • portable speakers

Pool Rules

We do not allow any of the following in the pool:

  • rough play, such as dunking, pushing, excessive splashing, endangering others with balls or toys
  • diving in shallow areas
  • backward or sideways jumping from side of pool
  • flips, cartwheels or entries that endanger other people
  • playing on or jumping in from ladders or steps
  • sitting, pulling or hanging on lane lines
  • sitting in lifeguard chair
  • open wounds
  • eating food or chewing gum
  • apparel other than swimsuits
  • lounge chairs or deck furniture

Diving Well Rules

Open during all open swim times unless indicated. Not open during Family Float.  One board will be open during evening practices.

    • no one is allowed to “catch” another person jumping off a diving board
    • to jump off the diving board, swimmers must be able to swim the full width of the diving well unassisted, as observed by a lifeguard; no floaties or floatation devices allowed 
    • only one person on the board at a time
    • wait to jump off the board until the preceding swimmer reaches the ladder
    • only one bounce on the board/no double-bouncing
    • no crossing in front of the diver on the other board-swim to the ladder on the same side
    • only dive from the front of the board, no diving/jumping from the side of the board
    • no hanging on the diving board
    • no sitting on the diving board
    • no handstands or cartwheels on the board

Baby Pool Rules

  • children must be 6 years old or younger to use the baby pool
  • children must be supervised by an adult
  • no climbing on the dolphin
  • no excessive splashing
  • no aggressive behavior toward other children
  • no flotation devices
  • only small toys may be used
  • children who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper 
    • Swim Diapers: non toilet trained children are required to wear 2 well-fitting, reusable swim diapers or 1 Happy Nappy brand swim diaper. Swim diapers must fit snugly in order to contain a bowel movement, so please do not purchase one for the child to “grow into”. Fecal accidents are costly to our pool and an inconvenience to families since they cause us to shut down the pool. We do not allow disposable diapers (such as Little Swimmers) in our pool. The backs of disposable swim diapers are not tight enough to hold in solids, and the lining inside them can disintegrate which clogs the pool filters. 

Flotation Devices

  • During open swim times, no flotation devices are allowed in the pool.  This includes inflatable water wings, inner tubes and non Coast Guard-approved suits with built-in floatation devices.  Members may choose to bring their own Coast Guard-approved life jackets, including puddle jumpers for young children. However, these children must have immediate, close-range, in-water adult supervision limited to shallow water at all times.
  • During Family Float times, use of flotation devices will be permitted at the discretion of lifeguards on duty. All devices must be used appropriately and without harming other patrons.

Tennis Area Rules

The Tennis courts are for playing tennis or pickleball.

    • no food or beverages other than water or clear sports drinks (no soda)
    • shoes must be non-marking
    • no skateboards, scooters or any wheeled device
    • no aggressive behavior
    • no damage to courts or nets from misusing equipment, such as slamming a racquet
    • see the Tennis Courts page for further rules and expectations

Lap Swim Times

  • Adult Lap Swim is indicated on the weekly calendar.  There is also a Lap Lane available at all times during Open Swim.

Adult Swims

  • Daily 10-minute periods at 2:50, 3:50 and 4:50.  Adults 18 years of age and older only. If the attendance is low, head guards and managers reserve the right to skip adult swim.

Pool Phone

  • A child may use the front desk phone briefly in intermittent situations, such as calling for a ride home when weather changes.  The pool phone may not be used for personal or social reasons.

Guest Passes

  • We offer daily and weekly guest passes.  Guests are required to sign in and are limited to use the pool 5 times each summer.  An exception to the limit may be made for out-of-town guests.
  • A member of the host family must be present during the guest’s visit.
  • The current daily rates:  $8/individual. Booklets of 10 passes can be purchased for $75.
  • The current weekly house guest rates are: $24/individual or $90/family.

Emergency Action Plan

  • Anytime you hear 3 or 4 short whistles, one long whistle, or a PA announcement clearing the pool, please exit immediately at the nearest wall. Whether a drill or an emergency, we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the safety and quality of your pool environment.

Weather Closings

  • The pool will be closed for weather if there is any thunder or lightning
  • We must stay closed 30 min after the last heard thunder and 45 minutes after the last seen lightning
  • Swim and dive lessons will also be canceled if the temperature is less than 60 degrees
  • The pool will not open for open swim on days when the air temperature is not expected to reach 65 degrees

Managers, coaches, lifeguards, and board members are authorized to ask any member or guest to leave the premises for failing to observe any of the above rules. We always strive to warn people of problematic behavior before requesting they leave. However, we will immediately remove any member or guest who compromises safety in any way.