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Permanent members may request a retirement of membership. All requests are put in chronological order and initiation fees (minus a required sales tax) are returned when we are at full membership. Only requests received by May 1 of a year will be eligible for payment in that year. It can take a few years to receive initiation fees, depending on the number of retirees and fluctuating membership. Initiation refund checks are usually issued in the fall of each year.

Members who do not request retirement and do not pay annual fees are given a one-year grace period before annual dues are deducted from the initiation fee paid.

If you would like to request retirement, please send a dated note with the name on your membership and your retirement request to:

Membership Chair

[email protected]

If you do not receive a reply within one month, please follow up with a second email, as your request may have been caught in a spam filter.