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Court Use & Rules

Check in with the pool desk to turn on lights if they have not lit automatically.

Use of courts:

  • Use of the tennis courts is limited to members and their guests.
  • Please sign up for a court reservation to ensure court availability.
  • Court time will be limited to one hour if others are waiting to use the court.
  • After playing, please close the gate.
  • The sponsoring member must sign in the playing guest.
  • Guests are welcome to play two times for free and then pay a fee of $3 per playing time.


  • Tennis lessons and leagues have first priority for the tennis courts. Please, check the tennis calendar for the schedule.
  • If a member is more than 15 minutes late, the member will forfeit his/her court time if someone is waiting.
  • Email to make a court reservation.

Court Rules:

  • No bikes, dogs, skateboards or roller-skates on the courts.
  • Only non-marking tennis shoes on the courts.
  • No food or beverages, except water, on the courts.
  • Please keep the tennis courts clean.
  • Please be considerate of the neighbors if you are playing in the evening.
  • Please notify an instructor if the nets or courts need any repairs.


  • During tennis lessons, drills and match play, treat tennis instructors and other players with respect.
  • Follow tennis etiquette guidelines: pick up tennis balls promptly, keep the court clear of tennis balls during points to prevent injury and wear shorts or warm ups with pockets during match play.
  • Inappropriate abuse of tennis balls or rackets (throwing or hitting on the court) or will be reported to the Board.
  • Due to the number of students on the tennis court at one time, it is important to keep a safe space between players to prevent accidents or injury.